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    This beautiful men’s bag is the perfect solution for men who don’t want to carry an outdated medicine bag. This no-nonsense men’s bag looks stylish but is incredibly practical to use. In addition to several small storage options, it has a separate section for storing your diabetes care kit.

    This luxury men’s bag is made from hard-wearing leather finished with a sleek lining. As well as pockets for things like your phone, credit cards and car keys, it has a special storage pocket for your insulin pens, tablets and spare insulin needles. You can store your diabetes kit discretely while having everything close at hand just in case you need it. The inside of this luxuriously designed bag is well organised and features several pockets; there is another small, separate pocket on the front. The back features an extra zip pocket. This orderly arrangement means you can store all your daily equipment easily in its proper place in the bag so you can find them again quickly.

    The men’s bag for diabetics has a wrist strap so it’s easy to carry and you can take your most important equipment with you, whether you are walking or cycling. An extra snack or dextrose tablet for the road slips into it without a problem, and your glucose monitor fits in there too. This men’s bag is perfect for the office and extremely practical for business trips and holidays too. This men’s bag for diabetics is a handy size, has a contemporary look and looks nothing like a sterile, medical case. From now on, there is no need to carry an extra bag for medication, because all your diabetes care kit fits into the well-organised storage spaces in this compact bag. This men’s bag is available in black or dark brown, and looks good with casual outfits and business suits.

    Dimensions 21 × 15 × 7 cm



    Size: width 21 cm x height 15 cm x depth 7 cm

    – Type of shoulder strap: No shoulder strap
    – Clutch strap: Yes
    – Closure mechanism: Zip closure
    – Number of compartments: 5
    – Number of internal compartments: 2, of which 2 with zipper
    – Number of outer pockets: 3, of which 3 with zipper
    – Number of credit card compartments: 2
    – What can I carry in this: BG Meter, Lancing Pen, Insulin Pen, Measuring Strips, Dextrose and Needles
    – Material: Leather