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    Founded in 1947

    Love for leather

    Working with leather is in our blood. Sweet Collections is a 100% subsidiary of H.J. de Rooij leather goods, founded in 1947. A proud Dutch family business that has grown over the years into a renowned leather goods manufacturer. Our quality products are robust, functional and comfortable. They are produced in a socially responsible way and guarantee a perfect look and long life.

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    Trendy diabetes accessories made of 100% full grain leather

    Diabetes schoudertas groen
    Diabetes schoudertas

    Tampa Collection
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    Crossbody diabetes tasje geel
    Crossbody diabetes tasje

    Mint Collection
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    Diabetes schoudertasje leer
    Diabetes schoudertasje leer

    Icon Collection
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    Pompia Collection
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    At Sweet Collections, we strive for perfection. Our designers translate the wishes of diabetics into functional bags and pouches. In doing so, we use only the best materials.¬†That’s why all our bags and accessories are made from 100% full grain cowleather. The most beautiful and durable leather there is. Full grain leather has a rich appearance and dense fiber structure which makes it feel warm and natural. The more you use the bag, the more beautiful it becomes. You will enjoy it for a lifetime.